August 7, 2009

Toilet paper roll album

I have wanted to make one of these since I can remember.. Making this little TP Roll album was so much fun, quick and Easy.. Only time consuming part of the whole project was trying to get the rolls..LOL
This was a nice morning project..
Here are the tags that are inserted in every pouch..they are photos of my DD when she was first learning how to jump in the deep end of our pool. She was about 4 yrs old in these photos.
the tags are cut at 3"wide and 4" long (I think and the tp rolls in Finland might be smaller than the ones in the states)
Here are some close ups of the inside of the album. I think the cuts on the Lifes a beach cartridge are too too cute.. all the of the titles are stretched on the design studio 2.5" x 2.5"..
another close up. I inked all of the edges with black ink.. I think it gave it a nice look.
and another..
This is the last pouch.. I used a lot of stickle and then added some mini googly eyes..

* toilet paper roll, squish it flat and cover with your choice of paper.
squeeze shut at one end and punch holes and add eyelets to keep it shut.
Cut tags, add photos and embellish any way you want to. add binder rings, fiber and ribbon.

Supplies used:

  • Cricut cart: Life's a beach: all embellishment cuts
  • Cricut Cart: Plantin Schoolbook: tags
  • toilet paper rolls
  • K&Co Papers: Hopscotch boy 6x6 (not inteded for only boys..LOL)
  • ribbon and fiber (blue, yellow, green and orange)
  • puffy stickers by Hearthouse
  • Stickle: yellow, lightblue, burgundy and blue
  • googlyeyes
  • black ink pad
* Update: This little mini album was highlighted on the cricut chirp newsletter

I have to give thanks to Mary and her wonderful tutorial videos, here is her blog, go have a peek and let her know how awesome her videos are.. click here

thank you all for looking and I hope this gave an idea or two.


  1. Did you drink alot of water Nanne...LOL
    I love it as I do all your work..
    Big Hugs Wanda

  2. HUH??? TP rolls? This is a new one I have never heard of it before.....more info please!
    Well I know now that you are not full of ****!(empty lol
    Turned out beautiful!!

  3. sorry bout that I ment to say (empty TP rolls prove that)
    You amaze me with your talent!

  4. OMG! You ladies kill me...ROFL...being the only woman in the house now a days, makes for a long wait for empty toilet paper rolls..LOL Love your comment Brenda..too too fuuny!!
    cheers all

  5. Nanne, these look great as does all your work. I love all the bright colors you used.

  6. This is one of the cutest ideas I have seen in a long time. I may have to scraplift this for my handicapped daughter. TFS

  7. Sad but you have me collecting tp rolls to create this project! Thanks a lot! lol! keep up the great work you do and be blessed.
    Check me out on my blog. Thanks!

  8. Oh I love your new blog design. I don't know which one is prettier.

  9. Nanne this is beautiful, you have done an amazing jog again you never cease to amaze me.

    I have something for you on my blog so hop over a take a look.

    Kaye x

  10. Wow, that really is a good idea! Where ever did you come up with this one? As always, beautiful!! Love the glitter!

  11. Whewhoooooo....a well deserved toot for your awesome project's stupendous!

  12. Wow! Love this TP album. Great job.

  13. Oh my goodness! TP album! what a great idea. I kept thinking were are the TP rolls. I had no idea that the pouches were made from the rolls until I read your supply list. What a great recycle project. I love it!!!

  14. What an adorable idea! I can't wait to try it. I love everything about it.

  15. This is so CUTE!! Whoever would have thought this was toilet paper rolls!!?? I have been saving some to try this technique so seeing your project has got me inspired.

  16. love the little book. I just saw this idea last week. I love LAB too, you did an excellent job with the bling - it stands out even more. Can't wait to scrap my caribbean cruise - i'll burn up the LAB cartridge. love your blog.


  17. Love this idea but love the music more!!! We definately have the same taste! I hooked up to that music website...thanks for the link. Love your work. You've inspired me to get more creative with the embellishments...they look great on your stuff!

  18. Love your blog, it is so awesome! This is such a cute idea, I'll be having everyone saving me their TP rolls. lol! Thanks for sharing! I really love your blog everything is so bright and cheery.

  19. A toilet with a little bit spice on it.