May 31, 2009

New Addition..

I have been wanting to make a layout with this picture for so long and finally got the chance today.. I added the flowers (blue and pink) to go along with what Amber is wearing..She loved this outfit..
Here is just a close up of the flowers and her outfit, and the new baby of course..LOL
This baby boy is Adam Daniel, my youngest son.. This picture was taken back in 1994..that seems like such a long time ago..

I added this for Amber.. this is refering to Amber and Adams bond.. they are still very close and have always gotten along with each other.. friends!!

  • cricut cart: All Mixed up-text on tags
  • cricut cart: George and basic shapes- Tags
  • cricut cart: Graphically speaking- Title: new addition and butterflies
  • cricut cart: Accent Essentials for the base cut underneath the photo
  • circut cart: Home Accent Essentials-Leaves
  • K & co 12x12 classic K Margo papers
  • Cricut design studio- welding, stretching and shrinking.
  • inking and chalking
  • stickle: Green and blue
  • Stamped swirl
  • flowers by petaloo
  • buttons-light blue and pink
Thank you all so much for looking and comments are highly appreciated..

May 30, 2009

Lickin The Heat..

No! its not a "Kiss the cop" layout...LOL
Since I've been sick for the past week, I've been really depressed not having the energy to make a layout.. But, today I'm feeling like a new me and got this one done in only a few hours..
It's my sons' (Aaron) first Ice cream cone.. and boy! did he make a mess..Amber is there as well, keeping a big sister eye on her little brother..
I did not want your typical "First ice Cream" title cause Amber is in the picture as well and so, I found the "Lickin the heat" on They have really excellent title ideas, poems, etc..
here is just a close up of Aaron eating his ice cream..and look at the table around him, full of ice cream..

  • Cricut cart: Doodlecharms: popsicle sticks
  • cricut cart: my community: ice cream truck, trees and road
  • cricut cart: Paper doll dress up: ice cream man and grass
  • cricut cart: George and basic shapes: truck window and awning, sign and circles
  • cricut cart: Home Accent: Sun
  • papers used: DCWV Summer glitter stack and DCWV Summer cardstock stack
  • stickle: yellow and blue
  • Inking and chalking
  • distress ink by Tim Holtz-sign
  • Cricut design studio for welding, stretching and shrinking.
I noticed that I did not need the jukebox even when cutting two different carts on one mat. cricut will keep carts in memory per session. so, you don't have to keep switching them.
Thank you all so much for looking and any comments are highly appreciated.

May 29, 2009

blog award-honest scrap

Brenda from "Brendasjoy" was kind enough to think of me and give me yet another award.. on the promise that I would thank the person that gave it to me and post a link to their blog.. Also I would need to list 10 honest things about myself.
  1. I love scrapbooking- addicted is more like the right word for it..
  2. I love posting my layouts
  3. I love reading comments on my blog and on Cricut MB
  4. my kids ALWAYS come first-but apparently not on this list..LOL
  5. I love my husband, he is the cream in my coffee..LOL
  6. I would do anything for my friends-even the ones I have made online
  7. I am really bad when it comes to saving up money, even though I try real hard..LOL scrapbooking supplies come before saving..
  8. I am finally content with my weight and I am accepting me as I am-for now..
  9. I have decided not to ever diet again...LOL
  10. I love my coffee and any baked goods- body by pillsbury cookie dough...LOL just spoon it right out of the tube...LOL
I also want to pass this blog award along but i don't have that many blogs that I follow..
but I do want to pass it along to
  1. "Tawnya" at Creating Creativity.. I think she has awesome cards and well deserves this blog award.
  2. If Sandy Windsor had a blog, I would love to give her this award as well.. hope your reading this sandy...LOL
  3. I would bounce this right back to Brenda at "Brendasjoy".. but she already has it..LOL

May 28, 2009

Wedding bouquet-Onnea Hääparille

I wanted to surprise my co worker with this "CARD"...LOL
yeah.. it will be the wedding card.. I know that just plain jane flat cards get put away in a box or thrown away.. this one can be displayed for a long time.. once the couple get sick of looking at it, they can pull the flowers out and re-use the flower pot.. its ceramic and an actual flower pot.

Here is a close up pic of the flowers.. I cut them using my cricut..

I added some ivy to the bottom for ruffage along with some pink rotting fiber(says on bag)..
it looks a lot better in person, than in the pictures..
  • cricut cart: Graphically Speaking- flowers cut at 2.5", 2" and 1.5"
  • cricut cart: Opposites Attract- lettered circles
  • cricut cart: Paper doll dress up- heart, gift boxes and wedding cake.
  • pink paper
  • wooden sticks covered in green floral tape
  • dry flower sponge
  • rotting fiber-pink
  • paper ivy garland
  • pink ribbon
  • stickle- lime green (for the ivy) and pink for the heart, gift boxes and wedding cake.


May 24, 2009

Wedding Reception layout

Here is the two pager together.. I didn't want to over do with embellishments, so I thought to just put the flowers and then the ivy hanging out of the flower pot.. cause thats what was in the picture..
Here is the title page.. I wanted to layer the title, but I made it so small using the DS, that it would have been really hard to get them all lined up..
plus, my fingers aren't small enough for all the glueing and piecing..LOL

close up of the lily flower that I cut using the paper doll dress up cart.. I first cut it in green and then in pink.. I inked the edges and then stickled it.

Wedding reception will be held at an Island just off of the coast of Helsinki, Finland.. I found some pictures of the restaurant on the internet this morning and wanted to incorporate some of that into this layout.

  • Cricut cart: Graphically Speaking: title frame

  • cricut cart: Paper Doll Dress Up: plants and flowers

  • cricut cart: Opposites Attract: Title font

  • cricut cart: Walk in my Garden: flower pots

  • papers: DCWV Luxury Stack

  • mini Ivy Garland-from my stash

  • Fiskars paper punch: don't know the name

  • stickle: baby pink and lime green
  • Pop dots-plants and flowers

Thank you so much for looking!

Think BIG.. Frame!

My oldest son Aaron (age 15) was kind enough to think of me in his wood shop class.. He made this frame for his mom.. it is perfectly measured at 6x6.. love him dearly for thinking of me..
I wanted to add something special in it, so I made myself a little reminder.. "Think Big!".. I have it sitting on top of my work area at home..
Thank you so much for looking.
  • cricut carts: Graphically speaking: think big cut
  • cricut carts: Accent Essentials: frame cut
  • K & co 6x6 papers: Roam
  • large brown paper flower
  • button

May 21, 2009

Mini Album pgs 5&6..

Slowly, but surely these are getting finished..whew!...LOL
I truly love making these pages.. 6x6 is easy.. you just dont have too much space and easily gets it covered with a little ribbon and a few flowers..LOL

I have been wanting to use my new Graphically Speaking cart. I decided to use it on all of the pages in this album.. I think the little text looks cute..
  • Cricut Cart: Graphically Speaking
  • K&co papers 6x6 K Bailey
  • ribbon
  • buttons
  • flowers
  • stickle
  • inking and chalking...
Thank you so much for looking..

Mini Album pg's 3 & 4+ extra page

What a nice way for DD to write down her favorite memories.. I thought this would be a good idea.

  • Cricut cart: Graphically speaking

  • paper flowers

  • ribbon

  • buttons

  • K & co- classic K Bailey and classic K McKenna 6x6 papers

  • 12x12 black cardstock cut into 4- 6x6 pieces, glued back to back to form harder chipboard page.

May 20, 2009

Mini Album pg's 2&3

Love making these.. I think this will become my next passion...LOL These are so awesome and easy.. little areas to fill instead of the usual 12x12. Get pages done a whole lot faster as well..LOL
  • cricut cart: Graphically speaking-titles, frames, arrow, pull out tag and pouch.
  • paper flowers
  • buttons
  • ribbons
  • K & Co- 6x6 Classic K Bailey

Mini Album-first page

This will be the first of many pages that I plan on putting in a 6x6 chipboard mini album.
  • papers are K & Co 6x6 classic K Bailey
  • paper flowers
  • cricut cart:Graphically Speaking "she's All That"
  • Cricut cart: Accent Essentials "picture frame"
  • cream ribbon
  • cream buttons
  • red brad

Thank you so much for looking

May 19, 2009

Precious Little Thing

My best at "Shabby Chic!"...
this picture is so precious to me.. Its Ambers home coming when she was born 5 weeks premature weighing only 4lbs 4oz..she is teeny tiney..
My mom wasn't very happy when I told her at the age of 17 that I was pregnant. But looking at the expression on her face, she doesn't look too dissapointed..LOL
I really wanted to make this layout special..
  • Cricut cart: Graphicall speaking for title
  • Cricut cart: Walk in my Garden for the flowers(some of the flowers)
    Cricut cart: Home Accent Essentials for the swirls cut underneath the flowers, which you can hardly see and the butterflies.
  • Buttons and paper leaves
  • Stickle: pink, silver and lime green
  • Papers: Graphic 45-sentimental baby
  • cream colored card stock
  • flowers by Mulberry

Thank you so much for looking and all comments are highly appreciated.

Mommys Little Man of Mischief.

Story behind this LO..
We had a huge tree in the front of you house when we lived in Florida(the tree is still there).. Aaron would love to run around that tree and hide behind it.
The title I got from one of my all time favorite movie characters: Austin Powers..LOL
so, instead of man of mystery, I thought of Little man of Mischief.
The bugs and the eaten leaves represent the mischief, cause everyone knows how mischivious bugs are in your garden..

  • Cricut All Mixed up cart-title
  • Cricut Paper doll dress up-Dinosaurs and grass
  • Cricut Doodlecharms cart-little hearts
  • Cricut Walk in my Garden cart- Bugs, leaves and foot prints(tulips)
  • Cricut My community- tree trunk
  • Cricut Design Studio-stretching and welding
  • Paper- Basic Grey and HOTP
  • Stickle-Lime Green, Blue, Silver and Black

Thank you so much looking and any comments are highly appreciated

May 18, 2009

blog Award..

thank you Brenda from "Brendasjoy" for thinking of me, again.. I love this!.. Im so happy and very very surprised at the same time.. HUGS to you..

DD Sweet Sixteen

My Clone..LOL My DD, Amber's school picture from when she was 16yrs old.. Teenagers are usually anything but sweet at that age, but she gave it her best shot.. I love her regardless of little bad behavior..LOL When she brought these pics home, my mom commented on how much she looks like me.. You should of seen the look of horror on her face..LOL
I put 16 roses around her picture to represent the sixteenth birthday..

the poem surrounding the edge of the layout reads:
This special time comes only once
Turning sweet 16.
Loving memories of yesterday,
a young lady can be seen
But in the eyes of her biggest fans
she's still a little girl
and time can't erase those wonder years
but the years have made a pearl
  • K&Co- Wild Saffron
  • Cricut Cart: Walking In My Garden- Roses, butterflies and roseleaves
  • Cricut Cart: Home Accent- Swirls picture frame
  • Cricut Cart: Opposites Attract-Title
  • paper leaves -bought at store
  • pearl babysbreath-stash!
  • Stickle- Yellow, lime green and cinnamon

May 17, 2009

Tonka Toddler..

I love making layouts of my kids when they were little.. Brings back so many memories that you tend to forget along the way through out the years..
Here's my oldest son, Aaron when he was about 2 yrs old.. We were at his aunt Cathie's house.. He loved the big playschool trucks her kids had..
the story behind the layout: Aaron's daddy and Grampa are both Auto service technicians.. so, I wrote a little poem around the edge of a little boy wanting to be just like his daddy and grampa.. I thought that was cute..
  • DCWV- Summer glitter stack
  • Dark red and Dark blue card stock
  • tool stickers by Jolees<-- hope I spelled that right
  • Cricut Graphically Speaking cart for "built tough" and the nutts..
  • Cricut All Mixed UP cart for the "Tonka Toddler!"..
  • Cricut George cart for the stars
  • Cricut Accent Essentials cart for the frame around the picture
  • Cricut My community cart for the cars and road
  • for the poem- Little boys!
  • red ribbon
Hope I didn't forget anything..
thank you so much for looking and all comments are highly appreciated..hugs!!

May 16, 2009

close ups of the summer sun Layouts.

Fun in the sun and seahorsing around.

HI everyone..
I think I got a LITTLE carried away with this Layout, but I still love it.. I had to try to fit everything and anything to do with the sea into this layout..LOL
my boys, my best friends son and my daughter are in the pic that is titled fun in the sun, then I have a pic of my daughter on the other side, titled Seahorsing around.. She LOVES horses, so thats where I got the the title from..[giggle]..LOL
its supposed to be a 2 page LO, but I don't know how successful I was..LOL
  • cricut carts used
  • *Paper Doll Dress Up- all of the shells, seahorses, coral, palm trees, pails, shovels and seaweed.
  • Opposites Attract-Text and Titles on both layouts
  • Doodlecharms-Sun, sand castle
  • Home Accent- Swirls
  • George and Basic Shapes- Arrow
  • Cricut Design Studio for all stretching and Welding.
  • Papers- DCWV The Summer glitter stack and The Glitter Stack.
  • Cardstock- blue, light green(mint), yellow, brown and Olive green
  • Stickle- Cinnamon, Lime green, Yellow and blue
  • 2 small yellow paper flowers
  • Mostly everything you see is POPDOTTED..
Thank you so very much for looking and comments are highly appreciated..

May 12, 2009

My first blog award.

'Thank you Brenda from "Brendasjoy" for giving me such a wonderful award.. I'm all giddy!..LOL Hih, Hih, Hihhhh!!!
I will be passing this award along as soon as I get some more blogs that I follow.. I've been lazy!..