May 29, 2009

blog award-honest scrap

Brenda from "Brendasjoy" was kind enough to think of me and give me yet another award.. on the promise that I would thank the person that gave it to me and post a link to their blog.. Also I would need to list 10 honest things about myself.
  1. I love scrapbooking- addicted is more like the right word for it..
  2. I love posting my layouts
  3. I love reading comments on my blog and on Cricut MB
  4. my kids ALWAYS come first-but apparently not on this list..LOL
  5. I love my husband, he is the cream in my coffee..LOL
  6. I would do anything for my friends-even the ones I have made online
  7. I am really bad when it comes to saving up money, even though I try real hard..LOL scrapbooking supplies come before saving..
  8. I am finally content with my weight and I am accepting me as I am-for now..
  9. I have decided not to ever diet again...LOL
  10. I love my coffee and any baked goods- body by pillsbury cookie dough...LOL just spoon it right out of the tube...LOL
I also want to pass this blog award along but i don't have that many blogs that I follow..
but I do want to pass it along to
  1. "Tawnya" at Creating Creativity.. I think she has awesome cards and well deserves this blog award.
  2. If Sandy Windsor had a blog, I would love to give her this award as well.. hope your reading this sandy...LOL
  3. I would bounce this right back to Brenda at "Brendasjoy".. but she already has it..LOL

1 comment:

  1. Oh Nanne, I've never received an award before! Thank you so much that means so much. Especially coming from you, who has the cutest pages EVER! Thank you!