October 17, 2014

Harvest wooden blocks-die cut reveal-sous

It's once again die cut reveal time for us ladies over at SOUS and for today its a die cut challenge "Anything Autumn!"..
I decided to create some decorated wooden blocks that my hubby had cut for me a long time ago and I finally grabbed them out of storage and got them decorated :)

This is what I created:
These are all print and cut.. I thought to add some 3D elements to them, but then stopped myself at the last minute.. I like the flat look :) 

The colors are a bit off due to the dreary weather we've had the last few weeks and its only going to get worse :(

I have a few close ups:
added some pumpkins to the bottom of the "R" and then
decided to make the "V" an ear of corn :)

I started adding packing yarn to the edges of the blocks, but then didn't like it and decided to leave the rest of them without it :)

I did add some touches of white gel pen here and there.. couldn't resist..LOL

and there ya have it.. my Harvest blocks..I've been having fun making some Autumn decor for my home..
so, do stop by SOUS and check out what fun projects the rest of our design team has created for todays challenge..
Till Next time..


  1. What a great idea Nanne.......love the simplicity!

  2. What a GREAT project...LOVE the ear of corn as the "V" and LOVE all the different patterns of the letters!