March 11, 2012

Scraproom re-do..

Happy Sunday ladies..
as some of you know, I have not posted any craft related projects in a few days and it's all because I've been re-doing my little scrap of heaven..LOL  Hubby and I have been working hard the last few days, well since Thursday actually..  It was a lot of work packing everything and putting it all away for the re-do.
We did our bedroom as well, so that was kind of where the inspiration came from
so, here are the before pics of my room:

This was taken a few yrs ago..when I first took over this room.

Here I have started emptying the big bookshelf that was holding all of my papers..
 I have stuff every where.
my stacks of goodies after I got them all packed and put away.

more stuff, along with my tape roll and paint can..LOL

and my kitty who has to stick his nose into everything..LOL 
 but the stuff is about to get ripped off of the walls and the Pink is out-a-here..

and so, with a few days worth of hard labor, this is what I ended up with:

Its still a work in progress.  
I need a new curtain rod and curtains, plus I want to add picture frames to the walls.. Those final little touches are missing is what I'm trying to say..LOL

My computer and scrap area.. I'm so happy with this, everything in arms reach..Wooo Hooo..LOL
I still have a short black rod that needs to be put up by my computer so I can hang some stuff off it and then I need to clean up above the big bookshelf..its too cluttered for me right now :)

My Primas all stored away nicely, plus my photo frame that needs hanging up.. I just tucked in the back for safe storage so no one would break it..

My collection of flowers, some of my ribbons and my Cricut Imagine.. 
The cartridges are on the shelf right above it, but I'm going to have to move those since I'm such a shorty and I can't get to them..LOL   I love the fact that I finally got my ribbon holder up on the wall..

The top shelf.. 
 Hubby put is up so high (LOL) that I decided to use it to show case all of my mini albums.. I was shocked to find how many I actually I had.. The most precious ones are the ones that were made for me..
Thank you ladies!!

Then we come to the problem wall..LOL

I have this little DVD shelf my hubby had built for the boys when they were small and we kept all of their Disney movies on there, but as they got older we added them to the big bookshelf downstairs in our living area..  I use it to hold my Cricut Cartridge cases..I thought about painting it brown since it will be up against the white wall, if I decided to keep this wall white that is..
 I also have my old desk (wooden one) in here and I need to empty that and put it into storage, since I'm not using that one anymore.. and finally I have a big white thingy in here from our kitchen.. When we had our kitchen renovated a few years back, they put a removable cabbonit thingy where the dishwasher was suppose to go and I've had it up in here since we didn't need it downstairs..  But, now its got to go as well..takes up too much room..
I decided to leave this wall white, but now that I've been sitting in here I'm debating on painting it brown as well.. this is a long skinny room, so I'm afraid too much dark paint will make this room seem even smaller than it really it.. Need to think of something..LOL

All right then ladies..That's my scraproom re-do..
 I'm so happy with it all and cant' wait to get creating again.. I've been having serious withdrawals the last few days..LOL
Thank you all so much for stopping by today !!


  1. Love your re-do craft space. It looks amazing. You and your hubby did an amazing job.


  2. wow loveeeee your room!! Grat job Nanne!

  3. It's looking fantastic! You're going to be having so much fun in there!

  4. Awesome!!!! Now to sit and have fun creating in your beautiful new space!!!

  5. What a beautiful new space you've created!!! I love the way your computer desk and craft desk are right next to each other...great workspace!! HAVE FUN!!

  6. Love it! I have the Expedit shelves and desk just like yours except mine is black. I have another Expedit shelve on the opposite wall, I think these were built for scrapbookers, they are perfect! Have fun in your new space!

  7. Looks heavenly .. wish I had that kind of organization .. i have so many walls and doors that it is a major problem . love this .. where did you get your table?

  8. I love your new craft room! Getting rid of the pink walls really was a great idea. Everything looks so open and clean... I'm sooo jealous!!!! Enjoy. Hugs, Dawn

  9. This looks wonderful!
    I've missed our chats but I am sure that you will
    be so super duper thrilled to have this all changed
    up and the room looks so big and spacey now
    (like, spacey in a good way! LOL!)
    Thanks for posting so many photos! I agree on
    that lighter wall...what about a light blue, green,
    pink, etc?