February 11, 2010

My Indian Name is ? Wooden sign

As you can clearly see, I'm having way to much fun making these wooden signs..LOL  :O)
My dd is part Apache indian and she has an 8 month old doberman pup.. He is not so Puppy anymore...LOL
well, she lives on her own and I wanted to surprise her with a little something and this only took me about 20 mins to make.. 
scrap piece of wood measuring 8" x 4" x 1"..
covered with spray glue and black cardstock.. added some paper punched trim, cut the girl and pup silhoutte using  "A Childs Year" cartridge and the font for the title I used SCAL..
hand doodled some trim with a white gel pen and added some silver stickle for the dogs collar..
 The white cardstock was really thick to cut and it didn't cut very clean..but you can only tell if you look at it real close.. 
Here is side view, just to show you it is a piece of wood..LOL
My dd loved it by the way and busted out laughing when she seen it...
Ok.. back to creating something new..
Thank you all so much looking


  1. Oh this is just adorable! Gotta love walking the dog with a baggie in hand. LOL!!

  2. Too funny! You are havnig fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very very cute. It made me laugh. LOL

  4. Way too funny Nanne! Keep them coming, they really give us all a giggle.

    Kaye x

  5. I like this whole idea of signs. My home is decorated in all kinds of signs. Mostly farm stuff. I like antique signs and some new crafty ones , too!!!! :)

  6. ohhh this is sooo adorable!!! How did I miss these?!

  7. This is hilarious!!! I LOVE IT!!!