March 17, 2009

Hand made gnome

This I created cause I just had way to much time on your hands. this is the start to my layout.. I dont' know exactly what I plan on doing with these guys, but plan on doing a lot more.. need more houses and gnomes. I drew everything on paper and then cut them by hand. the gnome is put together with 3d tape squares. I love his little hat. The butterfly's are stickers that I adhered to a thicker vellum, cut them out and then added a little stickle to them. the beard looks a bit funny on the gnome, but I think the next one, the beard will be on the side of the face as well, but not covering those adorable ears. I think it will all look better once it's on the layout.


  1. This is the cutest thing I saw your post on the cricut mb your blog is great keep up the good work. I too am a scrapbooker more than a card maker I am really enjoying your layout.

  2. Thank you so much crafty Carrie.. you were my first comment.. Im so excited.. :D