April 4, 2010

I have been crowned Queen Nanné by her royal highness Queen Sandi!  Sandi is always willing to share her talent with all the subjects in the blogging kingdom and beyond! Please check out her queendom at Soft Side of Sandi
Now it is my royal decree as Queen Nanné to Crown another Royal Crafting Queen..... I have searched the kingdoms far and wide for worthy ladies and gentlemen that share the desire to pass their crafting love and skills to all the subjects in the kingdom without royal fees or taxes and have found these worthy subjects...

To take up your crown the new Queen must link their blog to the sender of this blog and any future Queens they crown. . If you've been crowned, please send an email to Queen Cindy at Cre8tveLdy@aol.com and along with your web or blog address and the website of whoever crowned you, so you can be listed as a Royal Blogger. (If you need the "King" version of the award, let Queen Cindy know and she will email it to you.)

I hope you will proudly display this award on your site, and I thank you for being such a benevolent Queen or King who is so generous to your loyal subjects!

And now for the first crowning ceremony, I would like to send you to the following:


1 comment:

  1. Wow, I always knew there was something about me...couldn't quite figure it out...but now I know its my ROYAL-NESS! (royal pain in the...)

    Oh thank you thank you! how kind!!!