August 7, 2015

CDD Sneak peek- Pocket letter

HI ladies.

Well, I got a lot of positive feed back on my pocket letter on my Facebook fan page and so, I wanted to write a short post about it here on my blog.. I recently discovered what  Pocket Letter is and let me tell you, they are so much fun to create..
I searched a few videos on youtube just so I could get a general idea on how they work and what you are suppose to do if you share your pocket letter with someone else..
First of all, you can create any theme you want, I went for a school theme since schools are starting soon.. You put these cards which measure 2.5" x 3.5" into the pockets of a clear plastic sleeve that holds 9 cards, also known as a card collecting sleeve or trading card sleeves.  They are really inexpensive and the whole point is they fold nicely into an a envelope..
oh and the best part is, you are supposed to fill some of the pockets or the backs of the pockets with little goodies so the person who receives your pocket letter gets a few cuties to play with and the most important thing is to attach a letter telling the person of yourself.. Fun Fun Fun...
So, here is my first pocket letter I created:

I unfortunately don't have the plastic sleeves yet, I tried to find some here in Finland but they do not sell the ones I want, so once again I'll have to order from Amazon or Ebay :)  That is the story of my life..LOL

How about a few close ups:

I added a pull out tag so I can journal on that

The schedule I left empty as well, a nice place to journal on later..

and just some fun quotes and little details..

and their you have it.. This was a fun and quick project even if it doesn't look it :)
So, check out some youtube videos and get creating, cause these are so much fun to make
and if you do create some and would like to share with me, I'd be more than happy to be your pocket letter pen pal.. Just leave a comment on how to contact you..
till next time

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