June 29, 2010

Tag Pocket Tutorial for Mini Album

HI everyone..
I've been sitting on my ba-hoooooty all of last weekend watching how to video's on youtube.. As you all know I love making mini albums and sometimes need a little help with coming up with page ides..So, I ran into this lady she can be found on youtube under the name "FollowThePaperTrail!". Well, she has this wonderful video on how to make a multiple tag pocket that she made out of a business size envelope..
So, yesterday I went to my local craft store to see if I could find these longer envy's and well, I ended up paying over $4 for only 10 envy's..Cause they are invitation envys and can be found in any color, the normal envys here are big ones, which can be used almost the same way, but need some trimming..
So, that got me thinking "How can I make these pockets without the envys?" and figured out that I can use the same concept but with a regular piece of printing paper..
This is what the pocket will look like.  This one measures 5" x  4.5"
will look fab in the 6x6 mini I'm working on..
I have placed just little pieces of paper in the pockets to show you that it has three pockets on top and 1 small tag pocket on the side.. That little tag pocket would be great on any layout..
so, I took some photos today as I made a pocket, just letting you know that this is only the second one I have made using this technique..  I have not seen anyone else make it this way.. So, here we go and hope you get a chance of using this idea in the future...

So for Supplies needed:
1 sheet of printer paper ( 8.5x11), paper trimmer, distress inks, sponges, adhesive and about 5 to 6 papers (6.5"x 4.5") in prints of your choice.  I used the Garden Party Matstack by DCWV..

 Here are the steps to how you will fold and trim the printer paper: 

Bring the long ends together, meaning fold it in half to where it will measure 5 3/4" by 8.5"
Keep the paper folded and trim :
Cut along the open side of the paper.  Measure the width to be 5"
and the lenght down to 8"
Crease the paper so that you have a long side and a shorter side. I creased a seem at 3 1/4" and then folded the paper together as follows:
Its kind of hard to see in this photo.. But, I used a Popsicle stick the same way as you would use a bone folder.. by running it along the seems and making nice clean crisp creases..
Then you will ink the edges of the paper..
I first used Antique Linen by Tim Holtz
 and then rubbed some Spun Sugar which is a nice soft pink.
In the above photo you can see the layers that will be the pockets..
So, then we will cut some of the decorating papers..
I think you can see the measurements by clicking the photo and making it bigger..
I noticed that the cuts I had made for the edge trim, I had cut different sized for all cuts..LOL 
but, you can make em all the same size.. I normally just use the scraps for those cuts and I just don't care what the backs look like, cause those won't be visible..
I then took some inks and inked all of the visible edges before gluing every thing down.
I also bent the creases on the edge trim and the little side pocket.
Now for assembly..Finally right?..LOL
first you want to add the little pocket.  I attached it to the bottom of the inside of the pockets, making sure not to get too close to the bottom crease..
Then I glued in the back piece of printed paper..these papers are pretty thick, which is great. It will add a lot strength to the pocket.
I then added the edge trim on the top front of the pocket..I am holding it so you can see that I only attached it to the front and then will add another one to the back..
then I flipped the front over and added the printed paper on the font of that and the green trim only to the front of the pocket.. will add another to the back..
In these two photos you can see the back edge trim on both pockets...
I then opened up the whole pocket, laid it on its face and ran adhesive along the right side only. .
Folded it over onto itself and then ran adhesive along the right and left side of the bottom pocket. make sure the little pocket flap won't get in the way.  We want that flap on the front ..
Then flip pocket up and glue tab down to the front cover..
Like so...
I hope you liked my tutorial on this cute little mini album pocket.. You can glue it to a page or just punch some holes on the side and add binder rings.. Up to you!!
I would love to see what you can come up with using this technique, so please leave me a comment linking back to your project..
I personally think this is a great way to use up old printer paper, even if it has been printed on.. No one will see anything but the beautiful front cover..LOL
thank you all so very much for looking..


  1. Awesome Nanne, love the papers you used, so pretty! xxx, Staci

  2. Thank you for this tutorial, looks so pretty and fun to make. Happy Tuesday!

  3. The tutorial was wonderful and I love the papers you used. Very pretty!

  4. Hey GF! This is super cool! Awesome you felt so inspired by all those videos you watched! I can't imagine all I'll do when I get home from my Mom's..sitting on the computer all day! LOL!

    Anyways, well done and tfs!!!

  5. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [29 Jun 01:06pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  6. awesome tutorial! i love the papers you chose too..very pretty!

  7. Don't you just love learning new things?!! I could spend hours watching all the videos!! You did a fabulous job of showing us the step by step directions!! Thanks!!
    Barb :)

  8. I agree with sandi...fabulous...I love this! THank you for the instructions. TFS

  9. Thanks for figuring out an economical way to make the envelopes! I've got a drawer full of 'scrap paper' i.e. used printer paper and now I have a use for it. :)

  10. After leaving here last night, I started watching Follow the Paper Trail. I spent HOURS watching her videos and checking out others. I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow and should be packing, not at You Tube. Thanks for enabling, I think! :D