January 18, 2010

Blog Award

I am so over joyed this morning, checked my email and this beautiful award was just sitting there waiting for me.. It was given to me by Debbie at "Love Life's Little Pleasures!".. She is just beyond amazing with her layouts, you really have to check them out.. They are mouth dropping gorgeous to tell you the truth..
She has given me so much inspiration through out the last few years watching her garden layouts bloom monthly on the cricut MB.. I take this award with all of my heart and say "Thank you so much!"..
and I found out today that Holly at "Scrappin Bytes" has also given me this awesome blog award.. I'm so truly touched by you ladies, you will never know how much..  Holly has some amazing layouts and other fab crafts posted on her blog, you all need to go check her out..

Now I am to list 10 things that knock my socks off and pass this to 3 blogs that do the same.  The three blogs that I have chosen are:

Here is my list:
1.  My Three Teenager -They make me laugh every day
2. My scrap supporting Hubby- who bought me my expression out of the kindness of his heart
3. Friends- Near and far
4.  My blogging friends- for always bringing me so much joy with their kind words.
5.Ebay- Great deals on Cricut Cartridges-LOL  :O)
6.  Scrapbooking -My daily therapy session and a look at all of the forgotten memories
7.  Work- I love my job and I love all of my co-workers.
8. My best friend Kati- She is my rock and keeps me insane..  :O)
9.  The internet - without it I never would have been a part of the scrapper's world.
10. My In-Laws. my beautifully young MIL and SIL who I love and adore...


  1. Hi Nanne
    What a great award.....
    Thank you so much for thinking of me for this
    It makes my heart sing that you thought about me
    You are such a great friend and inspiration to me ! thanks and Big Hugs My Friend

  2. congrats...I am so happy Debbie passed this to you...I somehow knew all my blogging buddies would end up with one...you are such an inspiration!

  3. Nanne, you always come up with the funniest list. Mine is soooo serious! Love that about you!

  4. Hey, hey ... we need our Mr Linky when you wake up .. I thought I saw it earlier this week but it wasn't there last night when I was checking the blog. Have a great evening/day!

  5. Geez see what happens when I don't get my butt around to everyone's blogs! I almost missed this!
    Thank you SO much for thinking of me! I feel like the luckiest girl ever for this huge extended online family..who would of thought most of my closest friends, well, I'd never meet! LOL!
    I think this is the sweetest award and I thank you for thinking of me!

    Love you lots AND lots!