October 1, 2011

Butterfly Award

OMGosh!! I came back from vacay and found out this amazingly talented lady has given me a blog award..How cute it this?.. I want to thank Debbie Goforth over at "Buggin At The Seams!" for thinking of me as she passed these To accept the award, I must answer the following questions and then pass the award on to 10 other blogs.

1. Name my favorite color/colors - Mauve and soft pinks
2. Name my favorite song - Life Is Beautiful by:  SIXX A.M (in memory of my dad)
3. Name my favorite dessert - Cheesecake.. Mmmmmm (definitely a guilty pleasure)
4. What 'wizzes' me off at the moment? Stupidity and sheer lazziness
5. My favorite pet - My furry fat meatball on four stix: Jery (doggy)
6. Black or white? Definitely black
7. Biggest fear - Losing another loved one
8. Best feature - My humor...LOL
9. Everyday attitude - "Wonder if I can scrap that?" 
10. What is perfection? My Children and my husband..(yes, in that order..LOL)

11. Guilty Pleasure:  Creating something special and sharing it with everyone..
12. When I am upset I... Wrap my arms around my husband and he makes me feel like their isn't a care in the world.. 

and now. I would luv to pass this blog award out to the following ladies:

1. Beatriz over at:  Amazing Grace

2. Sandi over at : Soft Side of Sandi

3.Andrea over at : I'm living on Scraps

5.Annette over at : A Moment In Time

7.Shona over at: Such a Wonderful Mess

8.Wanda over at: My Scrap Happy Place

9.Fern over at : Fern's Creations

and finally

10. Crystal over at: Scrap Candy Designs

Every single one of these ladies is so amazing and so talented.. They are all so different in their designs and works of art, but that's what makes them stand out in the crowd.. Please take a few mins and stop by and check out what I mean by "talented!"..LOL
once I want to thank  Debbie Goforth for thinking of me with this blog award, these always mean so much to me.. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend..


  1. Big Congrats on getting this beautiful award!!! And thank you so much for thinking of me... I am out in CA right now... Don't have a lot of time for my computer, but will post this as soon as I can.... Hugs!!!!

  2. I think I got my blogger problems fixed(fingers crossed)
    Thanks so much Nanne for thinking of me for this award. I have known Nanne for about 3 years now and she is one of my BESTEST cyber friends...such a very creative ,funny and talented Lady!She deserves any award she gets....
    Big Hugs