April 9, 2022

New creative adventure!

 Hi fellow bloggers...

It's been a while since I last posted..  Been a crazy year with lots to keep busy.. We have a toddler in the midst (my grand daughter who is growing quickly, too quickly in fact) and she has been keeping us super busy and we have loved every minute of it..    My daughter had asked to bake her a cake and some decorated sugar cookies for her 2nd birthday and that pushed me into baking for others as well..

I am sharing with you one of my very first sets of cookies I created for an actual order I received..  I have come a long way since this set was created but these were a lot of fun make. 

Slowly I have learned new tips and tricks to baking amazingly fun sugar cookies and decorative cakes.. I have absolutely loved finding a new creative outlet..  I have decided to share my cookie and cake adventure with you all and hope you find inspiration to get baking yourself..   Maybe one day I can make video tutorials, but not there just yet 😁

since this set was created, I have made many with lots of different themes.. Such a blessing to be able to share your passion with others..

I hope you follow along in my baking adventure by clicking on the Instagram link on my sidebar, I post most of my cakes and cookies there.. 



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